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We are THE PLACE for all your non-lethal self-defense products, surveillance systems, hidden cameras and survival gear. You will find everything you need in this self-defense store.


Most of this self-defense gear is not readily available in stores.


When you click on the link below, you will find:


* EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The most comprehensive collection of personal security products, surveillance systems, hidden cameras and self-defense products online. You’ll find everything you need at our self-defense shop.


* SIMPLE SEARCH FEATURES: Easy to navigate tools and search field at the top of the website to help you buy the right personal protection product for your specific needs.


* SIMPLE CHECKOUT: When you find the self-defense equipment you need, simply click on the ADD TO CART button. When you are ready to checkout, click on the CHECK OUT button.


* 90-day REFUND GUARANTEE: Whatever personal protection item you purchase, use it for a full 90 days. If for any reason you wish to return your self-defense device, just ask and we will cheerfully refund your money. We want you to buy self-defense products that give you Peace of Mind. If you have any questions or need any assistance finding the right self-defense products for your needs, send an email to reginald@selfdefenseventures.com.






Dedicated to your Peace of Mind and Real Security,

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